Cornbread Juice Games


Cornbread Juice Games (formerly MOCBJ Software) is a one-man indie development company.


Cornbread Juice Games currently makes retro-inspired RPGs primarily for Windows platforms.


Cornbread Juice Games has fiddled with game making on the OHRRPGCE since the late 90’s. The first commercial title, Macabre, was released in 2015 on Steam. A currently unnamed project is in the works on a different engine.


Cornbread Juice Games is based out of northwest Georgia, USA.


Cornbread Juice Games may not make the most cutting-edge titles today, but has an undeniable passion for game making. If you enjoy JRPGs of yesteryear, then you should like what we create.

The company name was born in the 90’s, from a not-so-professional stint creating movies in Microsoft’s 3d Movie Maker.